County Executive

Dear Chautauqua County citizens and visitors,

I am both humbled and honored to serve as your county executive. My many years of military service, humanitarian service, and public service have instilled in me the understanding that serving the citizens of our great country and Chautauqua County is the greatest of vocations. As the heavy responsibilities of this office sink in, I know that our success will depend on all of us working together to grow Chautauqua County.

Our county government is committed to delivering high-quality, cost-effective services. As such, we want to know when we both exceed and fail to meet your expectations of service. Let us know so that we can recognize our strengths and improve our short comings. After all, serving our customers is clearly our number one job.

Respectfully Yours,
Vincent W. Horrigan
Chautauqua County Executive
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