Children's SPOA

Children's SPOA
SPOA for Children and Families is a process to identify those children with the risk of placement in out-of-home settings and to connect with community based strategies to support children and families.  The purposes of the SPOA are:  Conduct screenings for referred children; develop and monitor strategies to manage children involved in the services using an individualized, strength-based approach; coordinate decisions about individualized care planning for children at risk; and support communities to manage access to intensive services.

Specialized Voluntary Services Include:
Family Peer Support Services (FPSS)
Coordinated Children's Services Initiative (CCSI)
Supportive Case Management (SCM)
Intensive Case Management (ICM)
Home & Community Based Services Waiver
For more information about S.P.O.A. and the process to access these services, please call

(716) 753-4150
From Jamestown 716-661-7150
From Dunkirk 716-363-4150