Beach Closings

The Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services (CCDHHS) monitors permitted bathing beaches for the specific indicator bacteria Escherichia coli (E. coli) and harmful algal blooms (HABs) to determine compliance with Subpart 6-2, Section 6-2.15 of the New York Sanitary Code. Water is determined to be unsafe based on indicator bacteria standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and on the presence of harmful algal blooms, following NYSDOH guidance. To best protect the public from possible disease exposure beaches are closed when the water exceeds safety standards.

Beach Closures

Beach closures occur immediately (the same day) when laboratory test results indicate samples have exceeded the EPA water-quality standards. When the indicator bacteria levels are elevated, the potential risk to human health from bacteria in the water increases, thus triggering a beach closure. When beach water has been identified as unsafe signs are posted at the beach to alert the public.  The New York State Department of Health maintains a map of Great Lakes beaches with current and historical E. coli results listed.

Beginning in 2015, Wright Park West and Point Gratiot East beach status is determined using predictive models. CCDHHS will continue testing the beach water for E. coli while implementing the models. An interactive map, with daily updates and information on predictive modeling in New York State, is available at


This site is updated Monday through Friday during the beach season. However, occasional weekend sampling may occur. We therefore encourage the public to check the signs at beaches for the most recent beach status. Additionally, it is important to recognize that beaches may close for reasons other than poor water quality (i.e. staffing problems, weather, etc.).  A satisfactory listing does not guarantee that a beach will be open for swimming.

Beach Statuses

Check the Blue Green Algae page for press releases and updates.  The water quality status for permitted public beaches, based on the most recent E. coli counts , is listed below.

Report Updated: August 16, 2018


 Lake Erie Beaches

See NYS Dept. of Health map for water quality status and sample results at Lake Erie beaches.
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Town of Hanover 8/14/18 Satisfactory Lifeguards on duty weekends only.
Sunset Bay / Cabana Sam's 8/14/18


Wright Park West 8/14/18

Satisfactory - Lifeguard located at W.P. East. ​

See Nowcast website for past predictions and results.  

Wright Park East 8/14/18 Satisfactory
Point Gratiot East 8/14/18

Satisfactory ​

See Nowcast website for past predictions and results.

Lake Erie State Park 8/15/18 Bacteria Results Here  Check the NYS Parks website for beach status and recent results.

Chautauqua Lake Beaches

  Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) have been identified in Chautauqua Lake. Please refer to resources below for information on identifying HABs.
Long Point State Park 8/14/18

Bacteria Results Here Check with Long Point State Park office regarding Blue Green Algae status.

NYS Parks website lists beach status and recent results.
Mayville Lakeside Park   CLOSED for 2018 season due to lack of lifeguards.
Chautauqua Institution - Heinz 8/13/18 Satisfactory
Chautauqua Institution - Children's 8/13/18 Satisfactory
Chautauqua Institution - College / Pier 8/13/18 Satisfactory
Chautauqua Institution - University 8/6/18 Satisfactory - Closed for 2018 due to lack of lifeguards.  
Lakewood Village Beach 8/13/18 Satisfactory No Swimming Mondays or Tuesdays.

Cassadaga Lake Beaches

Cassadaga Beach 8/14/18 Satisfactory
Lily Dale Beach 8/14/18 Satisfactory