Youth Board

Roles and Responsibilities:

Vision: “We promote a positive future for all youth in Chautauqua County.”

Mission: "To support a community that provides a comprehensive range of opportunities for positive youth development.”

The Youth Board is a dedicated and concerned group of Chautauqua County citizens with a strong drive to create opportunities for Chautauqua County children.

The Youth Board believes that it is only for a moment that our children are young and then they become our community. In an effort to provide children with the necessary resources and opportunities to excel, the board works with State and local dollars to make sure that the appropriate agencies are working with our most under-resourced children.

The board visits community agencies and investigates new initiatives, programs, and recreational services for our youth. It seeks to implement and fund needed youth programs, which include health, education, employment, and the general wellbeing of Chautauqua County youth. By working together with the Youth Bureau, board members investigate ways in which the county can best fulfill its responsibilities to the youth population and recommends funding opportunities to the County Executive and County Legislators.

Become a Chautauqua County Youth Board Member and you will make a difference, get involved, and be a part of the change for our youth. By having active community members, we are all able to work together to help our youth reach their full potential and become healthy productive adults.

Each year, the Youth Board helps fund youth programs across Chautauqua County. Below is a list of youth programs funded by the board in 2015: 

  • 6 - 8 p.m.
  • Third Wednesday of every month
  • Meetings are generally held in the fourth floor conference room, Hall R. Clothier Building, 7 North Erie St. in Mayville, but there are times when youth serving agencies host meetings.


The board can have 15 to 20 members, who are appointed by the County Executive and subject to the approval of the County Legislature. Members serve 3-year staggered terms and 50% are public officials associated with youth and 50% are lay citizen representatives. Members must be at least 16 years old and current members include:



  • Jacob Brock                                    
  • Adam Dolce, Co-Chair                    
  • Susan Drago, Chair                        
  • Leah Marsala-Chase                   
  • Rachel Ludwig                             
  • Christina Marsh                             
  • Diane Miraglia                              
  • Patricia Munson                            
  • Raymond Rushboldt                       
  • Jordan Woleen                                
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