Traffic Safety Board

Roles and Responsibilities:
The Chautauqua County Traffic Safety Board has the duty to promote and encourage street and highway safety; to formulate county-wide traffic safety programs and coordinate efforts of interested parties and agencies in traffic safety education; and to work with local officials in the formation and execution of safety programs. They also study traffic conditions, study and analyze accident reports, and recommend changes in rules, regulations, and existing laws.
  • Noon
  • Months of February, May, September, and December
  • Meeting location rotates from north county, mid-county, and south county locations.


The board can have 10 to 20 members, who are appointed by the County Executive and subject to the approval of the County Legislature. Members serve a 3-year term and current members include:

    Breeanne Agett
    Kenneth James
    Cpt. Eric Balon
    Chief Bradley Meyers
    Dennis Barmore
    Chief David Ortolano
    John Bentley II
    Lisa Schmidtfrerick-Miller
    Tim Card
    Drew Rodgers
    Fred Croscut
    Chief Harry Snellings
    Patricia Fincher
    Ronald Trippy
    Patrick Flanders
    Bradley Van Riper
    Michael Formanowicz
    Lisa Vanstrom
    Joseph Gerace, Sheriff
    Patrick Wheeler