Fire Advisory Board

Roles and Responsibilities:
The Chautauqua County Fire Advisory Board advises the County Legislature, County Executive, and Fire Departments on matters pertaining to fire and emergency medical services. They also aid fire departments and related agencies in providing quality fire protection and public safety programs.
  • The board's committee meetings start at 6:30 p.m. and its regular meetings start at 7:30 p.m.
  • Third Thursday of every month
  • All meetings are at the Office of Emergency Services, 2 Academy St. in Mayville with the exception of the July picnic meeting and November meeting.
  • The November meeting is held on the third Wednesday of the month in Maple Springs, NY and is a joint meeting with the Fire Chief's Association and the Fire Police.


The board is made up of 24 members with 6 members from each of the 4 Battalions in Chautauqua County. There are also several non-voting ex-officio members. Board members are appointed by the County Executive and subject to the approval of the County Legislature. Members serve a 1-year term and current members include:
Representing 1st Battalion:
Representing 2nd Battalion:
Lawrence Barter
Al Akin
Jeffrey Griewisch
Lyle Holland
Steve Lehnen
Matthew Oehlbeck
Allen Parker
Mark Smith
Brian Purol, 1st Vice Chair
Burl Swanson
Representing 3rd Battalion:
Representing 4th Battalion:
Chet Harvey
Lance Hedlund
Ronald Johnson
Lloyd Johnson Jr.
Jackson Knowlton
Jeff Molnar
Sam Salemme, 3rd Vice Chair
Peter Samuelson, Chairman
Randall Shampoe Jr.
Greg Scott
Vacant Barry Swanson
Dennis Barmore
Mike Gleason
Gloria Burke
John Griffith
Trevor Butts
Noel Guttman
Anthony Cavallaro
Daniel Imfeld
Stephen Cobb
William Johnston
Richard Cole
Steve McAninch
Anthony Faso
Neil McNeight
Robert Frank
Charlie Smith
Joseph Gerace, Sheriff