Environmental Management Council

Roles and Responsibilities:
The Chautauqua County Environmental Management Council provides advice on matters affecting the preservation, conservation, and ecologically suitable use of the natural and manmade resources of the county.


The board is made up of 9 members who are appointed by the County Executive and subject to the approval of the County Legislature. There are also 4 ex- officio members who serve on the board. Members serve 3-year terms and current members include:


  • Doug Conroe, Chair                      
  • Richard Constantino                    
  • John Jablonski III                          
  • Ruth Lundin                                
  • Claire Quadri                                
  • Robert Sundell                            
  • David Wilson                               
  • Vacancy
  • Vacancy


Pantelis Panteli
Kevin Sanvidge
George Spanos
Mark Stow